Innovatives Denken ist in unserem Unternehmen traditionell fest verankert. Als Value Added Distributor unterstützen wir Systemhäuser dabei, ihren Vorsprung am Markt nachhaltig zu sichern. Wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor ist das nahtlose Zusammenspiel vorbildlicher Mehrwerte.


Personal advisers with
substantive expertise

Professional contacts provide you with expert and cross-manufacturer advice. Discover excellent services, from the request for quotation through to the implementation.

"It is noticeable here that staff attend to our requests with personal commitment. "

Sven Eichelbaum | Geschäftsführer | SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH


High level of accessibility
and fast response

Superior execution and streamlined decision-making ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. Our team reliably attends to your requests from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

"Time pressure is part and parcel of business. It is all the more reassuring that TIM AG is quickly on our case. "

Hans-Jürgen Heinold | Geschäftsführer | Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH


pre-sales advice

Careful evaluation of a project situation is an important basis for success. That is why we provide you, on request, with advance support in respect of the joint end customer meeting.

"It is particularly in the planning phase that the strategic vision of TIM's professionals is enormously helpful to us. "

Wolfgang Rocker | Geschäftsführer | Friedrich Karl Schroeder GmbH & Co. KG


Professional services
and support in German

Take advantage of our certified specialists' cross-manufacturer know-how, as and when required. You will thereby ensure that your project receives the best possible care and attention at all stages.

"Whether in the design, implementation or support phases, TIM is synonymous, for us, with reliability, provided on an equal footing. "

Andreas Rother | Geschäftsführer | ahd hellweg data GmbH & Co. KG


Effective customer loyalty
through renewal tracking

Our reminder service provides you with timely information about expiring maintenance contracts. We provide the best possible support for corresponding renewals or technology updates.

"TIM AG gives us the reassuring feeling that we have not forgotten anything crucial. "

Volker Enkelmann | Geschäftsführer | dignum GmbH


Optimum planning security
thanks to the TIM Solution Centre

Whether individual systems or complex scenarios (remote or with pre-installed demo equipment) are involved, our Solution Centre enables convenient preparation and informative tests to be carried out.

"We can already see in advance here how smoothly a solution will work. "

Oliver Kügow | Geschäftsführer | Proact Deutschland GmbH


Profitable support for
your business development

We will promote your business on many levels. In addition to discussing technological innovations and manufacturer-specific planning with you, we will advise you in relation to training, marketing and events.

"Good that we have a partner who comprehensively addresses our corporate objectives, particularly in situations that require obligingness, flexibility and fast decision-making. "

Shayan Faghfouri | Geschäftsführer | DextraData GmbH


financing models

Using the most innovative technology while remaining economically flexible: alternative financing models may be a solution here. By providing the right financing strategy, we support you in navigating the balancing act between tight investment budgets and increasing requirements on your company's IT systems.

"Reliability and long-term thinking are principles at TIM when it comes to providing liquidity for strategically sustainable investments. "

Dr. Hellfried Lohse | Geschäftsführer | interface systems GmbH


Long-term success
thanks to reliable continuity

The high esteem in which our system vendor partners hold us arises from our proven expertise. As a leading distributor, we will do everything we can to continue to be the future driving force behind your head start.

"A review of this partnership shows us that we are in the best possible hands here. "

Olaf von Heyer | Vorstand | Concat AG