The modern data centre: Hybrid. Secure. Flexible.Innovation creates a head start: Identify trends, seize market opportunities.Our portfolio combines established and innovative technologies.

With comprehensive know-how we connect technologies with solutions.

We constantly evaluate the technologies from the leading manufacturers on the data-centre market and keep a look out for new and exciting companies. This results in a portfolio of selected solutions for our established core areas and also innovations in hybrid and secure data centres. By combining forward-looking technology and a comprehensive range of training and further education services, as well as successfully realising projects, we support our partners to develop their businesses.


Storage is more than just memory. Modern systems adjust themselves exactly to the needs of the relevant application. We support our partners to integrate innovative storage solutions for their customers.

Hyper-converged infrastructure

A hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) combines storage, network and processor resources in one system with uniform administration. This allows IT to react flexibly to changing requirements but at the same time, critical business applications will always be reliably available. When migrating from traditional structures to an HCI we can offer you extensive support services in every phase.

Backup | Archive

Nothing works without data. Customised backup/recovery solutions will protect you against losing data – and thus from financial losses. We will accompany you when implementing stable, seamlessly integrated backup and archiving solutions for your customers.

Do you want to know more about the technologies?


Whether as classic hardware variants on the premises or as virtual solutions. The server infrastructure is the nerve centre of every data centre. We’ll help you find the best triad of agility, flexibility and security for your customers.


No network, no business. High-performance, robust and secure connectivity is decisive for enabling your customers’ digital business models to keep ahead of the competition. We’ll accompany you when choosing the right components for installation and configuration.


The further progressed a company’s digitisation is, the more important IT security becomes. Because cyberattacks can interrupt the entire production process. With intelligent security solutions you can protect your customers’ IT.

Managed Services

Why build everything yourself? If you procure IT services from managed service providers (MSPs), you’ll be able to directly access their know-how and their well-established processes without having to make expensive investments.

Expand your managed services with us and our vendors.

MSP Portal: Clear presentation and valuable analysis tool.

Our MSP tool presents all MSP information – per manufacturer, for individual customers and prepared in detail down to product area and item level.