Lenovo’sCO2 Offset Service simplifies the process of offsetting carbon dioxide emissions.

Offset emissions directly at the time of purchase

Lenovo’sCO2 Offset Service is one of the first of its kind in the technology industry. By being able to select the CO₂ Offset option when purchasing a Think product, your customers can easily offset the resulting emissions.

Lenovo has calculated the cost of carbon dioxide emissions for all Lenovo Think devices over an average lifecycle of up to 5 years, including manufacturing, shipping and usage. This means that balancing emissions can now already be taken into account in the hardware configuration.

See the flyer to learn how Lenovo offers you the opportunity to offset your environmental impact.

The benefits of Lenovo’sCO2 Offset Service:


TheCO2 costs are compensated for each hardware purchase directly at the time of purchase.


The emissions offset can be tracked and confirmed at any time. Each serial number is linked to the environmental project.


Future emissions generated over an average life cycle are taken into account.


Lenovo works with a number of partners to support environmental projects that are relevant to your customers.


Compliance with governance standards is simplified with the help of clear and detailed data.


You are helping your customers embrace social responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable future.