In the managed services world, solutions are offered in Small, Medium, Large and Custom sizes. However, of all these options, everyone chooses the custom solution. And why? Because choosing a fixed option can lead to complexity and uncertainty. Consumption-based models and subscriptions face some of the same challenges. “On-premise or in the cloud” has given way to hybrid operating and purchasing models, even for parts of the same applications or application stack. With every technical decision, customers face questions such as:

  • Should I own my own application or use it as a service?
  • Should I manage my own SLAs or use a vendor?
  • Should I budget for years or months?
  • What does “protecting my investment” really look like?

In answering these questions, it became clear that there is definitely no one size fits all. Pure Storage asked their teams and engineers one question: How can we simplify storage and storage purchasing for customers who need flexibility to meet current and future business needs?

The answer is to build on Pure’s investment protection with advanced options tailored to the needs of today’s customers. Over the years, Pure has provided some of the best investment protection in the industry with its Evergreen™ technology. Evergreen offers non-disruptive upgrades and enhancements so customers don’t have to worry about losing features over time or expensive data and hardware migrations. The availability of Evergreen subscriptions, which include investment-protected upgrades, is a key reason why 97% of the arrays we provide that are over 5 years old are still in service.

Pure1® provides the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) required for an elastic cloud experience, even when deployed entirely on-premises. With the introduction of Pure as-a-Service™, an additional choice has been created. Customers were able to take advantage of the same benefits in a pay-as-you-go model, so their balance sheets were not burdened and their operating models were simplified through SLAs. But operating models change over time. A customer may prefer to be an owner in order to have full control over elements such as security and consumption-based operations and payment terms. What do you do when you are caught between two very attractive solutions to a single problem?


Evergreen//One (formerly Pure as-a-Service™) delivers the agility and flexibility of public cloud storage with the security and performance of an all-flash infrastructure. Align digital transformation projects with business outcomes based on SLAs, not hardware. Use Portworx® Essentials for free.

The customer no longer needs to provision storage for years in advance. With Evergreen//One, billing is based on actual consumption. After meeting your minimum commitment, customers can increase or decrease their storage usage and only pay for what they use. Minimum commitment starts as low as 50 TiB, and subscription terms start at 12 months.

In addition, Pure provides flexible management for storage data services that customers need – block, file, object – and to fit business requirements. In addition, customers can monitor their subscription with a set of AIOps tools for orchestration, storage management, VM analytics and AI prediction support.

Pure leverages the extensible Evergreen architecture to ensure that SLAs and commitments are continuously met. This includes managing and evolving the deployed solution as needed without service interruptions.

FlashStack® software-defined hybrid cloud infrastructure is now available as a service. Scale storage, compute, and network capacity as needed from a single AI-based management interface. Pay as you go for predictable workloads.

Evergreen//One: Storage as a Service for On-Prem and Public Cloud | Pure Storage



The new Evergreen architecture at the fleet level offers users an unprecedented opportunity to operate storage efficiently while saving power. This provides the flexibility and adaptability to move performance and lost capacity to where data and applications need it most, with the security and control that comes from ownership. Evergreen//Flex also brings modernization to Evergreen//Forever beyond the box, enabled by an asset usage model and consumption-based capacity pricing.

Evergreen//Flex creates an operational middle ground by reducing initial costs by up to 70% while enabling pay-as-you-go capacity utilization. Fleet-level management gives customers visibility into all hardware and subscription across their enterprise, and site-level subscriptions give them the flexibility to move capacity between arrays to better meet changing needs.

Evergreen//Flex: Innovative, Flexible Storage Ownership | Pure Storage



Evergreen//Forever™ (formerly Evergreen Gold): Evergreen//Forever offers enterprises traditional appliance ownership with a subscription to software, always up-to-date hardware, and world-class customer support. Evergreen//Forever ensures that organizations benefit from a subscription to an always up-to-date infrastructure to support a system that continues to improve over time.

How does Evergreen//Forever work?
Evergreen//Forever is a subscription to your traditional storage purchase that gives customers the flexibility they need to keep their IT infrastructure flexible and up-to-date – virtually forever. The subscription includes:

  • All-inclusive subscription to array software, including future software features.
  • A complete hardware subscription with included and on-demand controller/blade and flash media upgrades and permanent hardware component replacement.
  • A world-class customer experience with satisfaction and storage capacity guarantees, proactive and predictive support, and flat-rate and fair subscription renewals.

With an Evergreen//Forever subscription, the customer receives Ever Modern, which includes upgrades to the latest generation of controllers or blades at each three-year subscription renewal. This means a full performance boost to the latest hardware (including Purity software) for regular upgrades. If the customer needs an earlier upgrade, Ever Agile from Evergreen//Forever allows them to upgrade to higher performance, latest generation controllers/blades at any time. With Ever Agile, customers can replace their old controllers or blades at full value with new ones that have the additional capacity and performance they need.

The architecture behind your Evergreen//Forever subscription
What makes an Evergreen//Forever subscription possible is the underlying architecture of Pure Storage arrays. Key components such as controllers in FlashArray and blades in FlashBlade//S can be modularly replaced over time and upgraded to the latest generation and/or next hardware model without disruption or performance degradation. New controllers and blades work with your existing flash media. With Evergreen//Forever, data storage remains flexible, efficient and modern – virtually forever. Customers can:

  • Non-disruptive upgrade to the latest controllers or blades, external host and internal array connectivity, flash media and other components, independently.
  • Unlock powerful new features, such as improved data reduction and predictive analytics with non-disruptive software upgrades as part of ongoing subscription
  • Eliminate traditional risks associated with forklift upgrades and data migration, as neither is required.
  • Seamlessly scale the storage system as data requirements grow with the business.
  • Simplify IT infrastructure maintenance by eliminating the need to purchase new hardware or re-license storage software products.

What is The Evergreen//Forever Subscription | Pure Storage

Evergreen//Forever Storage Subscription Model | Pure Storage