The more important and business-critical data and digital offerings are in companies, the more serious the consequences of a prolonged IT outage will be. Thanks to cost-efficient disaster recovery solutions from the cloud, however, every company can protect itself against this today. These enable your customers’ IT systems to be quickly available again after a disaster. They are therefore an essential building block of any business continuity strategy.

plusserver is happy to support you in equipping your customers for emergencies. Starting with an offsite backup of productive data in certified and DSGVO-compliant data centers to various disaster recovery solutions.

At a glance: Advantages of Disaster Recovery as a Service with plusserver:

– Fast recovery of business operations
– Failover in case of hardware, software or complete failure
– Controlled failover of workloads for maintenance windows
– Replication to the cloud as the first step to cloud migration to scale quickly with strong growth
– Simple tests possible without affecting the main environment
– No own know-how required
– Usage-based billing of cloud resources

In plusserver’s whitepaper you can learn more about disaster recovery with the cloud, important KPIs and a practical checklist.

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