ExaGrid Retention for Retention Time-Lock (RTL)

  • An alarm is raised 24 hours after a large delete.
  • Alarm on large delete: A value can be set as a threshold by the backup administrator (default is 50%) and if a delete is more than the threshold, system will raise an alarm, only Admin role can clear this alarm.
  • A threshold can be configured, by individual share, based on backup pattern. (The default value is 50% for every share). When a delete request comes to the system, the ExaGrid system will honor the request and delete the data. If RTL feature is enabled, the data will be retained for the RTL policy (for the number of days set by an organization). When RTL is enabled, organizations will be able to recover the data using the PITR (Point-In-Time-Recovery).
  • If an organization gets false positive alarm frequently, the Admin role can adjust the threshold value from 1-99% to avoid more false alarms.

Updates to ExaGrid features, for retention zone alarm setting, can be found here: